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Our Mission 

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The Einstein Charter Schools Reimagine School Action seeks to establish the Einstein ELL (English Language Learner) Innovation Zone to add ELL-specific intervention programming for struggling readers in grades 2-12. We aim to deliver an exemplary program for the city of New Orleans. The initiative will impact the identified English Language Learners in our network, with 40% of them being “Level One” beginners. The program will increase the language proficiency and academic performance of newcomer ELL students. It will also provide support to newly immigrant families with targeted resources for social and emotional wellbeing. 

Our Goals



The Reimagine School Systems is a new grant funding opportunity for Louisiana school systems to plan and implement transformative and sustainable local innovation. The Einstein English Language Learner Innovation Zone will increase the number of targeted support and services available to EL students within the system. By providing increased support to EL students, Einstein’s Reimagine action will model a strategy for districts serving communities with high populations of ELs who seek to ensure that students are on track academically to phase out of needing English-language support and meet state standards. 

Reimagine Action Plan

Einstein Charter Schools is using its Reimagine grant to establish the Einstein ELL Innovation Zone in partnership with the University of Louisiana Lafayette’s English Transformation Center.  The Zone will support English Language Learners (ELLs), including immigrant students, attain English proficiency, through a comprehensive, standards-based literacy program designed specifically for English learners 

to develop academic language and literacy skills, while addressing the proficiency needs of every 

student. The Reimagine Grant is a vital part of the system's effort to develop a complete system of 

support for all students; supporting language acquisition and social-emotional well-being in EL 

students, empowering them to achieve comparable levels of academic success to their 

English-speaking peers.

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My name is Naydi Alvarez-Martinez, I previously established myself as an “Office Manager'' at Sarah T. Reed High School. Today I want to introduce myself again as the new bilingual social worker for Einstein Schools. Serving the Einstein Hispanic community in this new role will be a pleasure. I hope that together we will find new ways to engage and help our students grow socially and emotionally during this school year.


Honduran by birth, Spanish is my mother tongue. I have resided in the state of Louisiana for over 9 years; time in which I have worked with children and adolescents of all ages, in different roles. In 2015, I worked as a teacher's assistant for Einstein Middle School. Seeing the need of our children to want to express themselves with someone in their own language is what made me obtain my Masters in Social Work from Southern University of New Orleans in 2018. Working with my Hispanic community will be a pleasure.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at or feel free to leave me a message at the main office of any of the schools.



Naydi Alvarez-Martinez


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