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We invite parents of Pre-K to 12th grade students to apply to Einstein Schools.  If your child has never attended an Einstein school OR will be changing campuses (i.e.-students leaving elementary schools to enter Einstein Middle School or students leaving middle school to enter Einstein: Sarah T. Reed High School) he/she will register through the OneApp process via
For help regarding registering to Einstein, please e-mail

School Registrars


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Sherwood Forest Elementary
4801 Maid Marion
New Orleans, LA 70128

Fax: (504) 662-0019

Grades: PK-6  |  B-RATED GROWTH  |  

ems logos.png

Einstein Middle School 

5316 Michoud Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70129

Fax: (504) 592-6999

Grades: 7-8  |  B-RATED GROWTH  |  

str logos.png

Sarah T. Reed High

5316 Michoud Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70129

Fax: (504) 510-2643

Grades: 9-12  |  B-RATED GROWTH  |  

vdle logos.png

Village de l’Est Elementary
5100 Cannes Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70129

Fax: (504) 254-4121

Grades: PK-6  |  A-RATED GROWTH  |  

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