Einstein’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Commitment


The Einstein Learning Community is dedicated to fostering a comprehensive community open to diverse perspectives.  As an inclusive community, we promote the work of social justice within all facets of school life. Einstein Charter Schools empowers all students to achieve financial well-being and embrace the power of choice through equitable educational experiences.  Our mission is grounded in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Therefore, we, the Einstein Learning Community, make the following commitments:

  • We commit to being a network where all stakeholders are appreciated and valued for their authenticity.

  • We commit to building a culturally competent framework, geared towards community advancement.

  • We commit to fostering an unbiased, student-centered learning environment that respects diversity. 

  • We commit ourselves to the long-term development of our students, supporting their ultimate success in preparation for college, career and civil impact.

  • We commit to the continuous growth and development of our diversity, equity, and inclusion framework, and remaining transparent in our initiatives. 

  • We commit to being intentional when seeking support, compassionate when retrieving opposing viewpoints, and open to collaboration resulting in positive change.  

  • Furthermore, we commit to cultivating harmonious relationships through interactions that are purposeful, honorable, and equitable.