Einstein Schools is a great place to work.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our young people are academically STRONG, as well as socially and emotionally resilient.  This is demonstrated through intentional RELATIONSHIPS that are built with all stakeholders to ensure that we meet the needs of those we serve.  We prioritize community, lead with an equity lens, and work to build socially just and sustainable communities.


Frequent Inquiries

1. How do I apply and how long is the interview process?
 Apply through Paylocity. Steps for selection include (a) screening (b) interview notification (c) panel interview with scoring rubric (d) panel debrief and scoring (e) reference checks (f) notification of next steps.

2. What positions are available?

Please see our available positions through Paylocity.

3. Do you have to be certified in order to teach with Einstein?
We prioritize certified teachers. However, our 'Teacher Fellows' program provides opportunities for degreed teachers entering the profession.

4. What other requirements do you need to teach with Einstein? 

We prioritize teachers who are committed and value social justice. 

5. How much is a teacher’s salary?
Our pay schedule is directly based on years of relevant experience, certification status, and level of degree.

6. How are teachers evaluated?
COMPASS teacher rubric.

7. Where are your schools located?

Currently, all of our schools are in East New Orleans. 

8. What type of benefits do you offer?
Einstein offers the following available types of insurance: medical, vision, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, long and short-term disability. We recognize federal holidays, fall break, Mardi Gras break, spring break, and summer vacation, annual  health and wellness perks, and contribution in TRSL. In addition, we reward and recognize staff through our S.T.A.Y. initiatives. Please visit our S.T.A.Y. page for additional information.

9. Do you participate in TRSL (Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana)?
Yes, all Einstein schools contribute to TRSL and all employees must contribute as well. 

10. What kinds of professional development do you offer?
Through our Culture Instruction & Professionalism Institute and in-school professional developments we offer a number of ongoing opportunities for professional development including the following: weekly content area cluster meetings, network-wide summer PD  the week before school starts, quarterly school-wide PD days, and additional external professional development based on need and approval.